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and some had to watch the drama unfold as they arrived to the park. >> coming in and they said that there was a boy that was lost and were looking for the boy. >> reporter: it took a large search to find him. fire officials say volunteers and park workers immediately formed a human net skimming the water where the child was last seen. >> the park immediately took control of the situation and formed a chain of personnel in the water and did a sweep of the area and immediately recovered the child once someone realized that there was someone missing. >> reporter: the boy was pulled out of the water as rescue workers arrived. they administered cpr and got him to the hospital. it was there the child was pronounced dead. lost and in the water too long. a tragic story that rippled through the park the rest of this holiday afternoon. life guards and adults watching
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the water and children a bit closer. >> of course you have to stay close to them and keep your eye on them all the time. the main thing is just trying to stay awake and keep your eye on them. that's the best you can do. >> reporter: and after this morning a reminder of what every parent must do. brian kuebler, abc 2 news. fire officials tell us this is the 13th drowning in the county so far this year. according to the center of disease control drownings are a huge problem especially when it comes to our kids. cdc officials say every day about ten people die from unintentional drownings. of these two are children age 14 or younger. two of the largest factors for drowning are lack of supervision of children not wearing a life jacket. we have a list of boating safety tips on our website at just click on the spot light section on the right-hand side
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of your home page. gas prices stayed even for the 4th of july weekend around $3.56 a gallon t. first of 30 million-barrels will be released in the us later this week from the petroleum reserve. we have a traffic alert some friends and family may be high tailing it back to see fireworks tonight. we are going to show you a bay bridge live shot. we understand it is packed already. you can imagine that. you can keep an eye out on the bay bridge traffic on your phone or on our website on look at the top of the page where it says live video. let's take a look at our weather now. we have been watching some weather to the west with great interest as we get set for our 4th of july fireworks displays all around central maryland. you see this cluster of storms moving from west to east but
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more of a southeast movement. that is key because that brings these storms south into virginia and a closer look on maryland's most powerful weather you see the storms moving out of maryland and into virginia. we have other clusters of storms for people down at the beach. they are dealing with a pretty big thunderstorm here. that one will not be effecting us tonight. as we head towards fireworks time it stays steamy. most spots based on the radar trend should stay dry. thousands are packing into the inner harbor for a huge fireworks show tonight. of course security will be a top priority. abc 2 news christian schaffer is live in the thick of it. >> reporter: some 40,000 people expected to watch from the inner harbor tonight. security is going to be a main concern. that is why there will be several hundred city police officers here. some of them are wearing their
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uniforms. those are only four of them. i have seen at least a few dozen in the hour or so that we have been here. the focus is on safety. hundreds in plain clothes and in uniforms. last night there was a shooting in a parking garage just north of the inner harbor and in a spot where a lot of people are coming downtown to watch the show. the victim was shot in the chest but is expected to survive. police not releasing his name. police have been quick to point out that this was not some kind of a random shooting. detectives are interviewing several people of interest this hour. two groups of peep wheel knew each other and had an ongoing issue. they apparently met up at a club last night and that dispute led to the shooting in the garage. we should get more information soon. at 6:30 the commissioner is going to hold a news conference on security plans for the fireworks show tonight.
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if you are heading down here the music is going on all evening long l. are bands playing throughout the evening. the fireworks show starts at 9:30 and that is going to end shortly before 10:00. it is going to be a great show. it is very cloudy right now. we certainly hoping the weather holds up. there are thousands of people coming in. now we will be watching the progress throughout the evening and, of course, the fantastic show coming up at 9:30 tonight. for now, christian schaffer, abc 2 news. it is a tradition you roll out of bed and roll down york road and get a good spot and get set to watch the fireworks tonight. here is lamont williams with the first part of our 4th. >> reporter: july 4th 1776 is the day long recognized as the day that 13 british colonies said we want our own country
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and government so we declare our independence on you and we will fight for freedom if we have to. and the rest was history. ever since we celebrated that day of independence with parades and fireworks. >> the 4th is special. that is when the country got started. start anew. i would rather live no place else but this country. to me it is based on that. >> reporter: the annual parade is about tradition, community, honors our elected officials, police and fire department but also celebrates those in the armed forces and their willingness to lay down their lives to maintain our freedom and the freedom of others. >> i like the service jobs. they got our backs. when i see them i see glory, man. i see america, you know what i'm saying? >> this is a time to really come together and show what it is all about. the red, white and blue and
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especially now we need to show what our country is about. >> reporter: retired army sergeant came with his grand son. he is instilling respect for the country into him as evidence in our interview. >> everybody should respect their country. >> reporter: what's the infatuation with the 4th and parades? >> parades are such a part of america. i don't know. >> there is something special about parades. what exactly it is, i don't know. >> reporter: on this july 4th we honor america. it is a great country. >> it is good to be free in the usa. >> reporter: i'm lamont williams, abc 2 news. >> every time they play that, can i stand up. people lined up early this morning for this 4th of july
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parade. it was the 77th annual 4th of july parade. there is a world war ii vet right there. this year's theme was a star spangled town. there was a 6k run right before the parade began. a new poll shows a quarter of americans do not know which country america declared its independence from. the poll says a little hoar than half of us know about the history of the holiday. 16% mentioned another date other than july 4th when we declared our independence. pyrotechnics are making last minute adjustments for fire works shows. there is a concert at 8 followed by the fireworks display at 9:15. you have fullerton, bell air, columbia. we have a list of all of the fireworks shows in the area on our 4th of july fireworks section on the slide show on the home page at
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lawmakers in washington did something that had not been done since 1974. they worked a 4th of july. just ask our senator ben carton. >> we need the house and senate in washington together to negotiate with the white house so that we can reach a credible plan to deal with our national deficit. it is a very serious problem. >> senators worked through the 4th of july holiday to try to reach a compromise. the treasure department says the real deadline is july 22 so there is time to pass legislation and make its way to the president's desk by august 2. after that the us government would not be able to borrow anymore money. new tonight at 6 you may be trying to quit smoking with the help of shan text. it could cause you to have a heart attack. one of the coauthors of the study works at hopkens university school of medicine
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and researchers found that smokeless tobacco users had a chance of having a heart attack within about a year. health leaders are making it easier to understand who can apply sun screen to your kids. parents still must give a permission for their children to be given sun screen by a staff member or a camper. now the new policy only requires parents to give permission for sun screen application by a staff member. apple employees are more than worried tonight. a major hacking investigation is starting to unfold. the group who is claiming responsibility and what company officials say they stole. we got tired of waiting and started to do the job ourselves. >> the drivers in dc who became stranded after the storm slammed into the nation's capitol but they weren't about to wait for help. the hottest we have ever been in baltimore on 4th of
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july 100-degrees in 2002. 92 is your forecast. we are going to talk about your fireworks weather tonight. it is coming up in just minutes. stay right here.
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this is what the first family woke up to after chainsaws chopped limbs. crews cleared away the limbs from the white house lawn today. we found out today that the storms killed a man in montgomery county. a tree falled and hit him while he was on his bike. high winds knocked down power
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lines and left a lot of power out. you can see some of the people running for cover as the rains soaked the district. storm sent a giant tree crashing through the living room of this historic arlington home. >> it looked like a mini tornado in our backyard. we saw these trees going side ways. i said get out of here. >> then some people on the bw park way jumping out of their cars and clearing off the downed trees that ended up stopping the traffic. now, maryland's most powerful doppler radar and the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate. >> taking a look at annapolis nice shot. you can see the clouds kind of breaking up just a little bit here on the horizon. good indication for us. i tell you where they have been seeing the active weather to the west. this is deep creek lake. the road getting wet. they had showers and storms.
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we have been watch wag interest. we'll have more on that in a second. 87-degrees right now. winds are northwest at 5. that is bringing in a slightly drier breeze. a couple of sky shots today. kim, katie, bj having a pool party. hot, humid day. there is the bushels of crabs. we are told they are out of cambridge. good ones here. couple of bushels. let's show you where the storms are just north of ocean city. we have a big one blowing up here. bethany and north ocean city that should begin moving out to sea. to the west these are the storms that have the potential to impact central maryland. optimistic number one i'm seeing that these are weakening and they tend to be moving a little bit southeast. we certainly could see hit or miss showers especially fredrick and down towards gatorsburg. a little light rain coming on i
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270 l. optimistic that we will see a brief passing shower and most of us should stay storm free and maybe nothing more than a brief passing shower. we'll take that for fireworks tonight. 87 now. 90 in eastern. 89 in ocean city. it is a steamy one. little cooler to the west. for the most part it is another muggy classic july evening here. dew point of 70 in annapolis. that is muggy. as you go further north and east towards like elkton things are not quite as oppressive humiditywise. early look at what the weather will shape up to be. tomorrow federal hill about 90. 88 or so. as we take a look at the overall regional perspective here the good news for us is we have been just north of almost all the really heavy weather today. central virginia, places like virginia tech and blacksburg
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and virginia beach, these are areas that will continue to see some storms tonight. dicy fireworks weather just to our south in virginia. i think most of maryland will be okay most of the evening as that boundary and the really active weather just south of this boundary should be confined to points just south of us. your bottom line is this. muggy, steamy tonight and sort of a variably cloudy sky. we should continue to see pretty good weather tomorrow for back to work even though we don't like to go back to work. there will be more ackive weather again in virginia tomorrow and probably including southern maryland. as we go into wednesday that is when we get a new weather maker diving in out of the north and this is likely to spark showers and storms statewide by wednesday afternoon into wednesday night. we'll keep a sharp eye on that. for the rest of tonight into fireworks time and just past
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sunset staying steamy. the chance for a few rain showers, isolated storm mainly in western maryland, probably fredrick westward and then points south into virginia. 90 tomorrow. mostly sunny. a little less humid through the day. the humidity probably creeps back up tomorrow night. you are not going to be able to open up the windows. seven day forecast here is the outlook into the next couple of days the classic first full week of july pattern that we would expect. temperatures around 90. chance for a hit or miss shower or storm best chances wednesday afternoon into thursday. next weekend looks relatively dry. bottom line is just enjoy yourself tonight and keep a little bit of an eye on the sky. you can check the radar on our iphone. you can watch the radar and see what happens. right now most of it is staying west and south of us. >> we will see the fireworks. >> fireworks will go no matter what. a consumer alert for you.
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some apple employees may have been called back into work today after hackers stole more than two dozen user names and passwords belonging to the company employees. a group of hackers from the online groups anonymous andalize security. red light tickets may slow you down a little bit but scammers placing them in your mailbox will probably get your attention quicker. scammers are trying to steal more than cash out of your wallet. abc 2 news explains how in this week's scam alert. >> reporter: it might be the only thing worse than a bill to show up in the mail. red light tickets are a $75 slap to your wallet. >> the scam artist is using law enforcement as a roost. >> reporter: according to better business bureaus scammers are posing as police officers calling you to say you haven't paid a red light ticket and they need to collect.
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>> this phone caller asks for two things. the account number of a bank account number and also for their social security number. >> reporter: and if you give them that information they'll have access to your money and your identity. the bbb says the scammers are able to target certain groups buying lists of phone numberses for people they think will be easy to fool. if you get a ring about a red light ticket remember it is likely a con man and not the cops. >> they will not send you an e- mail or make a phone call. if you get a phone call asking you to pay that fine walk away from them. >> reporter: or you could be giving scammers the green light to take over your credit. joce sterman, abc 2 news. for more information on this and other scams head to our website, and click on consumer and scomlert. we have all of the reports right there waiting for you right now. let's check out the drive
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home tonight. we want to take you to 50th sandy point. see how you are making it across the bay bridge. they will stay. we will take it live to washington dc. thousands are standing by for a huge fireworks show. why it is going to attract the rest of the night and the average forecast when we come right back. @ú?n
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packed downtown. you see harbor place filling in. that is a live view there. getting packed down there. we take a look at the radar. bottom line is there is more activity to the west and south of us right now. although we are going to get showers towards fredrick and points west and a few showers into the city the storms are weakening. that is a good sign for us. i'm going to say generally storm free night towards fireworks time. we may see a few rain drops fly. just be aware of that. >> fullerton, bell air, columbia, annapolis, the inner harbor. we'll see you tonight right after the fireworks at 11:00. and a new message right before the 11.
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